About Me


It is Angela here, let me tell you a little story about myself. 

I started getting my hands into baking in 2013, after watching and reading tons of recipes from Youtube and Google.  It sparked something in me.  

I wrote down so many recipes on my scrapbooks so I could open and read it again from time to time.  You know when you just write things down for future references? This was it! :)

I remember clearly the very first cake I ever baked was a chiffon cake, as a surprise for my partner.  Funny thing I whisked up the egg white manually til my wrist felt like it almost broke off.  This young new girl in town did not even realise Kmart offered a good quality hand mixer back then.  Even with a good price!

When I found out, I bought one for myself and still using it till this day :)

Was I thinking to pursue baking as a career?  Not really. Definitely not when I had just arrived in Melbourne. 

I was already enrolled to few courses for my major at that time, which had nothing to do with baking. 

So I thought it would be too late to take a Bakery and Pastry Course as I would be too busy, just like any other international students.

Baking has always been something I look for whenever I felt a little down. 

I saved up my $10/hour salary from my then part-time job to get myself a kitchen aid mixer.  Woohoo! What a joy!

It was a lot of money for me and was not the best idea to spend that much with what I earned.  But I still bought it, somehow I knew it would be very useful one day.

As times went by, I quitted my uni as I felt really unhappy with it. 

Applied for few jobs then before you know it, I was caught up at my full time job for 5 years.  Forgot what I loved doing, I left what I enjoyed the most.

Fast forward to 2019, again, I knew I wasn’t happy about where I was in my life.  The salary was decent, however it took a toll on my health.  

My body and mental condition were at the worst level.  The specialist told me it was caused by too much stress, which i did not realise. 

It was during this period that I started to reach out to my mixer and going through my scrapbooks again.

Despite all the risk involved, I left my job and just focus on myself.  I started experimenting with what I had and asking around to provide some feedbacks.  

And here I am, baking for all you.

Never been happier.  Never been healthier.  Never been more fulfilled in life.

I am staying true to myself, doing what I love and hoping you guys can enjoy what I bake!

Angela x