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Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake

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This iconic Red Velvet Cake is inspired from one well known cafe in Jakarta, Union.
One of the most visited cafe among dessert and coffee lovers in Indonesia.
I have personally tasted it myself and sure enough I can’t forget the goodness in this particular cake.  It's no surprise many people are willing to travel to the city just to try out the cake.

It isn’t just a regular Red Velvet Cake, simply because the buttery streusel crumbles that covered around the cake will bring you over the moon! It's that good!

After trying out the recipe for million times, I am finally confident enough to introduce this cake to you guys!

3 layers of Red Velvet Cake, crumbly yet moist, slightly tangy from the buttermilk and vinegar, a subtle cocoa and vanilla taste, cream-cheese frosting between layers and finally covered with golden toasted buttery streusel crumbles.

Don’t worry, the streusels are nuts free!

A little amount of red food colouring added to achieve the vibrant colour.

All the cakes from me will be freshly baked on the actual delivery / pickup day.

There are no preservatives or chemicals added, so it is best consumed within 5 days and keep refrigerated in a container at all time.

One size 6” (6-12 servings).

Contains : eggs, gluten and dairy.

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