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Angela's Bakery

Hojicha Cake

Hojicha Cake

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At our bakery, we take pride in creating a Hojicha Cake that's a sensory delight. Layers of soft, moist cake are infused with the rich Hojicha, giving it a distinct depth of flavor. This tea-infused cake is complemented by a velvety Hojicha cream that adds a harmonious sweetness, perfectly balancing the robust tea notes.

Each slice of our Hojicha Cake is a journey through Japan's tea culture, with the unique, roasted aroma and flavors of Hojicha taking center stage. The cake's gentle bitterness and smoky undertones are beautifully juxtaposed against the comforting, creamy texture of the Hojicha-infused cream.

Whether you're seeking a dessert that's both soothing and indulgent or a unique flavor experience to tantalize your taste buds, our Hojicha Cake is the perfect choice. It's a dessert that showcases the art of tea and the dedication we put into crafting each of our creations.

Elevate your dessert experience with the exceptional taste of Hojicha by indulging in our Hojicha Cake. It's a delightful blend of tradition and innovation that promises to leave a lasting impression on your palate. Join us in savoring this unique and soul-warming dessert.

All the cakes from me will be freshly baked on the actual delivery / pickup day.

There are no preservatives or chemicals added, so it is best consumed within 5 days and keep refrigerated in a container at all time.

Contains : eggs, gluten and dairy.

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